East Cessnock

The 1820m2 project was designed to offer weather protection to bowlers, night time use of the single green in a residential setting, minimal cleaning maintenance over the life of the structure and guaranteed game scheduling. 

Unconventionally the striking beauty of the project is held on the underbelly of the 1820m2 fabric canopy. Designed as an alternative to the visual clutter and high cleaning maintenance 
of existing trussed steel open ended structures our design engineer created slim-lined closed ended structure with a wishbone shaped structural steel. 

Our design uniquely utilises large sections of heavy-duty pipe in a wishbone configuration with valley cables spanning 44.3m. Three wishbone structural configurations support the fabric canopy. Valley cables sit over the canopy tensioning the fabric and creating a series of deep valleys. 

These cables, positioned halfway between each wishbone support, add strength and contrast to the canopy’s form. Hence the Ridge and Valley canopy. The structure has a maximum height of 9.8m, decreasing to a height of 4.1m along the framed perimeter. 

On droppers positioned on the wishbone structural support energy efficient slim profile lights uplight and illuminate the canopy creating a shadow free environment for nighttime use. 

The northern and southern ends of the structure are designed with curved structural support to add stability to the fabric canopy, encapsulate artificial light, and provide much needed protection from the hot summer, morning and afternoon sun and prevailing weather. 

The roadside external view of the structure emphasises the high functionality of the project — protection from the elements and night-time use. 


  • Project Name:  East Cessnock Bowling Club

  • Address: Neath Street, Cessnock NSW 2325

  • Fabric: Serge Ferrari 1002T2

  • Size: 1820m2

  • Completed: August 2012

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