Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we go with your design and not normal trussed steel?

Trussed steel achieves strength, however from a design point of view the amalgamation of so many small sections of steel considerably increases the surface area of the structural steel support. The multiples of small triangular steel sections positioned vertically and horizontally gather dust and dirt and provide the perfect home for spiders, bugs and nesting birds. Clubs with existing structures using trussed steel will acknowledge that trussed steel creates visual clutter that requires regular costly cleaning and pest treatments.

What fabric do you use?

In terms of fabric for the canopy, my structures use Serge Ferrari TX-30 fabric the highest quality PVC vinyl backed by a watertight performance guarantee. I can provide PTFE but this is more expensive, and in many cases unnecessary, as the benefits of the fabric do not outweigh the extra installation expense. I would not recommend cheap PTFE fabrics.

How long will the process take?

The process in building a structure takes about five months excluding any delays by council during the DA process. However, much of the required time is spent on design and engineering and does not effect the day-to-day management of the club. The construction time on site resulting in disruption to the clubs operations is approximately five weeks for a single structure and seven weeks for a double structure. Every building site is different but the above times have been consistently achieved by Lightweight Structures.

Will we be dealing with the various firms involved?

On every build we project manage the full design, engineering and building process from beginning to end. Trevor Scott will be your exclusive point of contact and will take responsibility for all building works. Trevor chooses to take this role as problems will inevitably arise on building sites, and he is the person who is most equipped to deal with issues immediately, allowing the building process to move forward smoothly and quickly.

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