The ultimate bowling green design


Varied climates & sites call for unique designs

Many clubs struggling against increasing competition for memberships are turning to bowling green canopies to attract new players and extend playing schedules. But installing a bowling green shade, is a complex undertaking. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula and you have to get paper work and approval through levels of bureaucracy.

Lightweight Structures’ Trevor Scott considers the climate (Victoria is very different from Queensland and each requires a different design) the space, the adjoining clubhouse or facilities, the aspect and how the sun fits into the picture, before applying our design to the best effect. Maximum shade, maximum protection from wind, rain, heat and cold.

Our structure is a more practical alternative to existing open-ended structures that use trussed steel. The low perimeter beam on the eastern and western ends provides much-needed protection from the hot summer mornings, afternoon sun and prevailing weather.

Our structure uses a wishbone configuration of large sections of heavy duty pipe and valley cables. The result is minimalistic design lines, improved functionality, aesthetics and reduced cleaning maintenance.

The eastern and western ends of the structure are designed with curved structural support to add stability to the fabric canopy.

What's more, and perhaps best of all, the underbelly of the ridge and valley fabric canopy creates a beautiful ambient internal environment.

For night time use, the Wide Span structure’s full perimeter frame encapsulates artificial light. This illuminates the canopy and reflects shadow-free lighting down to the playing surface.

Externally the structure appears like a dome. The external view emphasises the high functionality of the project, protection from the elements and night-time use.

Benefits of Installing a Lightweight Fabric Structure:

  • Our copyrighted architecture significantly reduces cleaning and maintenance costs.

  • Light transmission through the fabric canopy eliminates the need for artificial lighting during the day.

  • Bounced light creates shadow-free night-time bowling.

  • The Crescent Wide Span Fabric Structure provides a Sun safe venue.

  • The low perimeter beam on the eastern and western ends provides much-needed protection from the hot summer mornings, afternoon sun and prevailing weather.

  • Play in all weather conditions; rain, hail or shine for guaranteed game scheduling.

  • We offer a fixed price contract.

  • Protect your players from all weather, ensuring comfort and extended play.

  • Guaranteed play improves revenue from green fees, bar, restaurant, gaming and functions.

  • Eliminate dew on the green so, again, hours of play can be extended.

  • Create a point of difference to help marketing and increase membership.

  • Attract and host major events.

  • Attract high-value bookings for corporate and social functions.

  • Attract younger players and sun-conscious school groups.

  • Use a drop-in floor to convert the green to a functions venue.

  • Expand to night events for more social club revenue.

  • Expand your scheduling: inc bare foot bowlers and younger & older bowlers.

  • Your new iconic club structure becomes local landmark.

Design Features of a Lightweight Structure

  • Night-time light encapsulated under canopy. No light spillage annoying neighbours.

  • Ambient internal environment – a perfectly relaxing atmosphere.

  • Maximum light, minimum sun damage ... UV protection even during the hottest summer days.

  • Minimalistic lines provide improved functionality, elegant aesthetics & require less cleaning & maintenance.

  • Design significantly reduces cleaning & maintenance costs. Unlike trussed steel our clean lines deter birds, bugs & spiders.

  • Enjoy playing in all weather conditions. The canopy is fully weather proof, rain, wind, hail or shine.

  • LED uplights in the full perimeter frame illuminate the canopy & reflect back to the green for shadow-free night-time bowling.

  • Save tens of thousands of dollars a year on maintenance by installing artificial greens & encapsulating your “arena”.

  • Self-cleaning fabric washes itself when it rains.

  • Fabric & design strong enough to withstand cyclonic conditions.

  • Full low perimeter frames offer maximum protection from sun, wind & rain.

  • Customise your design to compliment existing structures & your particular climate.

  • The only design that can span two greens without central support columns.

  • Players will love bowling in any weather conditions, because the canopy is fully weather proof.

  • Install over your existing synthetic surface without damage to the playing surface. Less cost & less disruption to your club.

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